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Being a globally acclaimed healthcare and web development company of USA the CMW (Compendious Med Works) provides the world class services such as web development, web designing, web hosting, content development, web optimization, including the SEO services for all types of commercial entities. Pioneering in the health services the CMW has emerged as a trusted web development agency for doctors resolving all types of business relates issues. A query as to why your rivals are beating you may unquestionably aggravate your frustration but in reality it is associated somehow with your current website that we sort out putting derailed professional services/business over the track.


An official domain is considered to be a globally trusted marketing resource for the business entities (merchants, service providers, healthcare professionals, & manufacturers) yielding them an ideal opportunity to attain a niche in their business and generate income. It’s remarkable to see that more than 3.5 billion searches are made every day on a widely used search engines, i.e. Google. In today’s digital era every sector, be it health sector, manufacturing sector, auto sector, banking sector, food & drug manufacturing sector, or education, they need a website—which we do pioneer in as a virtual web designing company offering the 24 hour service.

In case your website has got obsolete and isn't compatible to the android phones or mobile phones, failing to convince website visitors to convert them into leads, you must get yourself acquainted with a multi-featured fast website, enlivened by business-substantiating web design, images, and content.


web designing company

The web development is an indispensable part of SEO, equipped with several multifaceted technical features. Following are some of its exceptional jobs that the team of CMW’s website developers accomplishes as a ensuring all important specifications such as mobile compatibility, catchy web designs, faster accessibility, informative content, top ranking on search engine, etc. The CMW’s digital marketing services including the web development services though is meant for all types of business organizations it’s known for creating web development for physicians, doctors, and healthcare practitioners.

  1. Mobile-Compatibility
  2. Entire world has got completely parasite on mobile as more than half of online searches are made on the mobile phones. This is why a mobile friendly website is indispensably needed that paves the way for promoting ranking of the site on all the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. We boast of designing mobile-compatible websites that makes even SEO based tasks much easier, from optimization’s point of view.

  3. Page Designing & Optimization
  4. What is needed to convert traffic of clients (visitors) into leads? There are a few specific things which we focus on, on a priority basis. One of them is bestowing a meaningful appearance to the website pages signified by Google advertisements. Some of our specialized strategies that we do adopt prior to web development and web designing include ensuring faster load of site’s pages, convenient navigation, and prompt interactive feature. Bestowed with a prestigious niche in the digital marketing services the team of our highly trained web developers and SEO managers assist the clients as a web designing company USA in enhancing the quantity of leads generated on website.

  5. Copywriting
  6. Your website ought to be your #1marketing and sales tool for the business you do, whether under the service sector or the goods manufacturing sector. Your website should have best SEO content to ensure it ranks top on the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The content must neither be copied nor be easy to be copied as in both the conditions it would be a violation of copy rights.

    Well aware of this issue we provide unique content created by our highly experienced staff content writers/developers who create the keywords centric content to attract the targeted clients and generate thereby heavy traffic.


Mobile optimization actually is a task of making the website a cell phone friendly domain. 57% of all the online traffic in the United States is generated via android devices such as cell phones and tablets and it is substantiated by 57% of the net surfers who admit that they can’t advocate a business with ineffectively designed android or mobile phone. The Google itself bestows a top ranking to those websites that are searched for extensively on mobile-phones.


Akin to web development services the following are the special web analytics services -

  1. Improving website ranking – When we call for top ranking of a site it means the targeted site must be visible on Google and other search engines. Around 90% of online searches are made only on Google and so your website should be provided a top ranking on the Google through search engine optimization (SEO) services. The moments you embark website designing streamline your website too for SEO.
  2. Detecting & Securing Website – Hacking websites and stealing confidential data there from have been widely talked about issues in the world. Dwelling on such type of threat the team of our highly expert IT engineers provides 100% security to the sites. We keep absolutely safe and secure the details or personal data such as mobile number, email, and address of the clients mentioned online on the website. The Google also provides a slight ranking lift to the websites on the basis of search results.
  3. Monitoring, Analyzing and Resolving Accessibility Issue – The website visitors (clients) must come across the desired information within 3 seconds of click. If not, 40% of them have got to leave the website and move to another one. Even one-second’s delay in opening up of the website may cause 7% loss of the website convertible traffic affecting thereby the business.
  4. Revolve Poor Response of the Website - As soon as any page of website is attempted to access on mobile-friendly website, the visitors must reach their.
  5. Ensuring Meaningful Appearance – The clients must perceive the types of services, business structure, and niche it might be holding in the market. The mobile users expect the information on a mobile-friendly site in less than a second (0.5). So all the pages of the website must be accessible within 0.5 seconds. What is remarkable to take on seriously is website’s visiting clients’ developing their own opinion on gazing the home page which we ensure looks captivating making them stay for long period of time.


Most of the web-design service providers put a prerequisite for the clients – ‘in case you leave, you need to pay a huge expense, otherwise you won't be allowed to take your website with you’. But we do not slap any such precondition on our clients and provide them 100% ownership of the site for professional utilization.


Proficient in projecting a captivating image of the business entity the CMW’s IT professionals adhere to UI/UX strategy, especially for user design and interface design. UX stands for user experience design while UI means user interface design.

Although both look same in meaning their role is yet different which the CMW utilizes in business promotion delineating the image of the business including its products and services dwelling on the clients/customers’ interaction-based experience (ideas) about products or services and current existence.


The theme of domain or website also is an indispensable part of the digital services that makes facial look of the site meaningful by its appearance, design, content, feel, and style including color-scheme, and layout. The theme of the site reveals which type of services/products the site is meant for or which of services or products it deals in. For example, if you run a clinic or a hospital its theme has got to be on doctors, nurses, clinical infrastructure, etc.


The CMW digital marketing company deals in a long range of websites including the E-Commerce Site, Entertainment Site, Portfolio-Website, Business Site, Media Site, Nonprofit Domain/Website, Brochure Site, Entrepreneur Domain/Site, Web Portal, Personal Domain/Website, Wiki/Community Website, etc.


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