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We design ad campaigns, set up a requirement-based trial process,

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Clinical trials provide scientific value in the development of new drugs and treatment.

A strong brand is required for effectively communicating confidence in the product. More companies understand the importance of clinical trial branding, from building brand awareness and familiarity to laying the foundation for future brand strategies.

Some clinical trials can span for several years. Clinical trial branding is the first step in building positive associations.

While choosing whether to move forward with a comprehensive branding process for clinical trials, one significant factor to consider and study is the product’s competition within the clinical trial space. If any similar medicines are under investigation, and the study will be competing for recruitment, investors, or educational space, your drugs need to find ways to differentiate and stand out.

We at Compendious Med Works will help you with the following:

  1. Strategize marketing campaigns for your new and existing clinical trials
  2. Establish and set up your process of trials
  3. Digitally market, and educate the audience
  4. Find the target audience for particular studies and target them.


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The clinical trials face several challenges, including funding, patient recruitment, and the adoption of technology.

According to a report published in Informa Clinic, the following challenges are faced by clinical trials:

  1. The complexity of Trials (21% of respondents): Clinical trials have become complicated in recent years, making it challenging to create the best study designs which have a low rate of failure and meet the end goal.
  2. Regulations (15% ): Clinical trials are strictly regulated, particularly for clinical trials that are established in different countries. Furthermore, the variations between regulatory authorities increase the constraint on clinical trials.
  3. Spiraling Costs (15%): The cost of clinical trials is at an all-time high. The clinical trials can either be funded internally or externally. Internal funding options include partnering with a third party to reduce costs and raising capital to fund the clinical trial. External funding can increase the risk of global clinical trials, along with performance provisions.
  4. Patient access (12%): Patient recruitment and retention are significant challenges for clinical trials. A high percentage of clinical trials don’t meet the targets and have a high dropout rate.
  5. Staff Roles & Responsibilities (9%): The complexity of hiring and training the right staff is also high. With clinical trials expanding geographically, another new challenge is “obtaining experienced clinical research professionals in developing countries.”
  6. The adoption of technology (9%): With an increasing role of technology in clinical trials, there comes a wide range of challenges, including selecting and using the right technology and ensuring the acceptance of that technology by patients, regulators, and healthcare professionals.
  7. New drugs (5%): Clinical trials test the new classes of medicines in several different ways, including Cell therapies, genomics, personalized treatments, reducing the effectiveness of clinical trials.


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Compendious Med Works can help you grab new opportunities, successfully recruit patients, and minimize the dropout rates.

We can assist you through the following tools and strategies to improve patient experience and ultimately achieve recruitment goals for your clinical trials.

  1. Funnel marketing strategy
    As mentioned above, we will assist you in discovering the right audience for your clinical trials through strategic social media approaches, considering all the inclusive and exclusive criteria of the clinical study.

    Accordingly, we will create a funnel marketing strategy that is study-specific. We will then target the audience based on location, demographics, and study-wise data. We guarantee leads generation from those potential audiences, and according to our study-specific strategy, our Physicians will conduct the phone screening to enroll the patients. Our marketing strategies will not only assist you in recruiting patients but also in retaining the patients through effective communication and proper monitoring by our physicians.

  2. Formulating marketing strategy
    Almost one-third people use different social media platforms and online forums for looking up and tracking of symptoms of a particular disease or disorder, and other health-related information, in terms of drugs, treatments, and therapies and so on, according to a report by the Health Research Institute (HRI) at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) the US States.

    We design marketing strategies for your clinical trials and target the maximum population on different digital marketing platforms as required by your clinical trial.

    We can assist you in discovering the right audience for your clinical trials, considering all the inclusive and exclusive criteria of the clinical study. The phone screening is done by our physicians, who have in-depth knowledge of clinical trials and also are skilled in digital marketing activities. Thus they understand the company's needs and try to convert around 10 to 15 percent of the audience for a pre-screening session.

  3. Employing social media platforms
    Compendious Med Works will prepare a marketing strategy for reaching the maximum population in your targeted regions and nearby areas. We can help you generate leads by employing a range of digital marketing strategies, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing, for reaching the right audience for your clinical trials. These platforms are our tools to reach your desired target audience and generate leads for your clinical trials.
    • Social Media: Our team of Digital Marketers runs multiple campaigns on multiple social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. These ads and campaigns are closely analyzed and followed to understand whether the right target audience is reached. After analyzing the reach of our marketing campaigns and ensuring they reach a satisfactory audience, we create more campaigns and thus try to reach more audiences for your targeted regions.
    • Content and Email Marketing: Compendious Med Works can help you create and deliver study-related content for your website, blogs, and social media platforms. The content is edited, verified, checked for plagiarism, and proofread before publishing it.
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): With our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, you can rank higher in SERPs, increase visibility, and gain more organic traffic with our wide range of white hat SEO services, including local SEO, Google AdWords, rank tracking, Search Engine Marketing, and thorough keyword research.


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