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Clinical research publications

From journal selection to the submission process, we can take care of it all. We ensure your research articles, journals, case reports, and studies, and letters to the editor are accurate in facts, plagiarism-free, checked for grammatical errors, and properly formatted.

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IT service

We are a team of seasoned, graphic designers, content writers, social media, web and app developers, and video marketers who can take your organization to a higher level with our range of digital marketing services.

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We firmly believe that branding is more than your name and logo. And, hence our branding strategies center around connecting your message, purpose, and services to the patients who can greatly benefit from your brand.

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Recruitment services

We assist in the challenging and tedious task of recruitment processes of trained and qualified staff for healthcare companies, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities, expanding your company's workforce.

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Healthcare consulting services

Having worked with several healthcare organizations, we provide insights and experts advice regarding your company decisions and strategies, directly impacting customers, patients, and other external stakeholders.

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Practice analytics

We analyze insights required in effective streamlining of operations, decision-making, reducing costs, and improving patient care, focusing on patient behavior, clinical data, and financial assets.

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Compendious Med Works Services


To evaluate the research articles, we review the article, consider whether it informs the readers, and does it prove something. At Compendious Med Works, we assist you in evaluating your research article based on the purpose of the research article, type of the research article, organizations of the content, originality of the content, prejudice on the part of the author, usefulness of the research article, whether illustrations have been to explain the concepts and their relevance to the content, and the audience.

What do we offer?

  1. Extensive Literature survey
  2. Proofreading and examining your documents for grammatical errors.
  3. Writing the review based on the outline and organizing content
  4. A fully formatted document, including line spacing, heading style, font, and as per the author’s guidelines.
  5. Emphasizing main research question
  6. Explicit representation of the present status of the field
  7. Base paper references
  8. Identifying controversies in the literature
  9. Formulating questions that need further research
  10. Properly referenced document
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Case reports

Our case report writing services include:

  1. We develop an informative title that attracts the interest of the reader.
  2. Abstract: We assist in summarizing the paper into a story that flows logically. We follow either a narrative style or a structure style. We follow strict regulations for case studies such as structured abstract consisting of Introduction, management and outcome, case presentation, and discussion.
  3. Introduction: We assist you with brief introductions for our readers to clearly understand the case report in a general sense.
  4. Case presentation: We emphasize raw data, including patient complaints that are in a narrative format, analyze the results of questioning, and summarize the results of clinical examination.
  5. Outcome and Management: We also plan for the case reports along with the care which was provided for achieving the desired outcome.
  6. Discussion: We identify all the questions that the case report raises, as well as summarizing the findings of the case reports.
  7. Acknowledgments and references: We ensure to highlight assistance that supported in the preparation and referrals of the case report.
  8. We also include tables, figures, and permissions as part of the case report.

Conducting and compiling a competitive analysis is an essential step toward the financial success and stability of any business.

Case studies

We offer physicians professional publication support services for publishers and authors representing pharmaceutical industries, medical devices, academic, and evidence-based policymakers. Here, we provide an excellent scientific publication service and publication support. It can assist you in directly engaging with our experts at all stages of the publication process. Our team experts will review and analyze your case studies and provide constructive comments, including an improper review of literature, a short statement of the hypothesis, plagiarism, and contradictions in the manuscript. You can improve your case studies before submission to the Journal of your choice. We also assign experts for each field, depending on the case reports. Like, medical case studies, publication support is handled by experts in the area. Before submitting the final document, the subject experts will work in collaboration with you for determining the most suitable journals, assisting in editing the manuscript, performing a technical review, and even offering support after submission wherever necessary.


Our editorial team has extensive experience in conducting a meta-analysis, a quantitative study design generally used for systematically evaluating the results of earlier research to derive conclusions about a particular body of research. As a general principle, We generate, analyze, summarize, and understand the best available evidence that is vital for establishing the safety interventions and benefits of the healthcare industry. While meta-analysis can serve as a potential and useful tool for the evolution and advancement of the healthcare industry, several issues need to be resolved to achieve the full potential.

  1. Our team follows a general guideline of meta-analysis
  2. Selecting the best statistical model, including fixed or random effect statistical models
  3. Statistical examination
  4. Subgroup analyses
  5. Additional analyses at separate costs
  6. We assist in the preparation of the report, including the presentation of tables and figures, and an overall summary

Editing services, Grammar and spelling check

We offer editing services two levels, including Substantive Editing and Copyediting Editing. We address the broad academic writing and publishing needs that research authors face, particularly those with English as a second language. We can assure, irrespective of the service you choose, that your document will never be rejected on the grounds of poor formatting or language. We work very closely with publishers based on the style guides defined by the publishers and offering customized editing services. It ensures that publishers are empowered to manage their accepted manuscript workflow at any time of the year. For us, the author and quality come first, and our goal is to provide high-quality professional editing services and assist the authors in publishing in international journals. At Compendious Med Works, we employ a team of Ph.D./Master’s qualified native English-speaking editors with years of experience. Besides, our specialized subject-area experts ensure technical and factual accuracy for every document submitted to them.

Assisting in the selection of Journal

We can assist you in selecting the most appropriate and requirement-based Journal, depending on your particular research and the urgency to publish. Our specialized team of experts have extensive experience in editing and reviewing for international journals in your field of study. You can send us your criteria, and we will discuss the top journal options best suited to your preferences and manuscript. What’s more, We will provide you with vital feedback on your document, including suggestions on how to improve your paper.

Our experienced reviewer will recommend a list of top five journals based on the following factors, minimizing the chance of rejection:

  1. Scope of study
  2. Target journal type (scope, focus, etc.)
  3. Type of article
  4. Significance of your article in its field of specialty
  5. Accessibility features (open access, print only, etc.)

Assisting in the Submission process

Journals can sometimes receive inappropriate manuscripts, irrespective of the scientific validity, how well they are written, and how well they relate to the scope of study and field. Our scientific editors ensure to identify and review your manuscript and accordingly submit your manuscript to the right journal.

Whether you submit new research, doctoral submission, or academics paper, it can face several challenges when it comes to submitting your manuscript to the journals. Several challenges can include urgent deadlines, complex formatting, and specific submission instructions. Our submission experts in journals are skilled and experienced in submitting journals to international journals. We complete all the tedious processes of submitting your manuscript to the journals on your behalf.

Advantages Of The Journal Submission Service
  1. We will take care of all the time-consuming tasks and provide a smooth and stress-free submission process.
  2. We double-check the formatting of your manuscript, as per your guidelines for manuscript submission before submission.
  3. We complete all the formalities for you, including uploading required documentation, filling in the necessary form details, and writing a cover letter if needed.

Formatting, Plagiarism check, and Proofreading

With the assistance of our experienced and skilled scientific writers, the first-time authors especially can gain confidence in writing a manuscript in English. Our medical writers ensure that the manuscript refrains from copyright violations and contains no plagiarized content. We also take care to present the references in the format instructed in author guidelines ensuring appropriateness and a high degree of accuracy, while also assuring the quality of figures, graphs, and tables. We also fine-tune your manuscript, after acceptance, during the copy-editing process to convey the message effectively.

Plagiarized content, whether intentional or otherwise, can tarnish the credibility and reputation of the author. It is regarded as a violation of ethics and can lead to automatic rejection of your paper. So, it becomes mandatory for us to scrutinize your manuscript for any content that could be flagged for plagiarism before submission. We use advanced plagiarised tools to check the originality of your manuscript.

How Does Plagiarism Check Work?

  1. You send us your manuscript.
  2. We scan your manuscript for plagiarism using a software of your choice.
  3. You receive a report which highlights potential areas of plagiarism along with links to the original content.


We offer a wide range of services to help authors enhance the quality and presentation of their manuscripts to achieve the desired publication success for their journals. Our services make it possible for the authors to improve the manuscript acceptance rate and increase the visibility of their journals. We are considered a preferred partner for leading universities and authors from around the world. We distribute academic articles and peer-reviewed scholarly based on new research findings in the field of medical sciences. We assist in publishing your journals that are available for open access for the benefit of the scientific and medical community.

With our assistance, you can publish high-quality articles submitted by authors from distinct parts of the world and ensure that it reaches the majority of the scholars and researchers in that field.


Letters to the Editor are published only after thorough editing and ensuring the same content material is not published or submitted to be published elsewhere. We accept Letters to the Editors for publication that can appear either in print, on the Journal’s website, or both. We strictly adhere to the following guidelines and policies regarding Letters to the Editor service.

Letters to the Editor about the Journal articles:

  1. It can include up to 175 words, excluding title, references, and author signatures.
  2. We accept Letters to the Editor that are received within three weeks after publication of the referenced article.
  3. The Letters to the Editor is shared with article authors.

Letters not related to the Journal articles can be up to 400 words long, excluding title, references, and author signatures.

All letters:

  1. Should be signed by up to three (3) authors
  2. Should include up to five (5) references and one (1) figure or table
  3. Can list only one institutional affiliation, excluding department or division name or street address as given by the author
  4. We do not publish acknowledgments in the Correspondence section.

Letters to the Editor must include:

  1. Name, email address, address, and number for each author.
  2. Disclosure of all financial associations or other possible conflicts of interest (to be published with the letter to the Editor) for each author. For authors of Journal articles who respond to the letters, we publish only new and relevant relationships that have developed after the publication of the article.